How To Secure Your documents?

How To Secure Your documents?

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Important documents like your signed contracts, last will,and evidence in court should be kept secured. Putting it under lock and key is not safe anymore. They should only be accessible by you or your most trusted person. Some documents that go to the wrong hands can even ruin your company. Here’s how to secure your documents.

Scan and save

Keeping a paper document has a high risk of being seen by other people. A good way to secure a document is digitalizing it.You cannot risk bringing out the documents from your office. Scanning services can help you have a digital image of your document. They can bring portable scanners in your office. Just a simple click here will scan the document and create a digital image. Save the digital image in any form that you want. The most common file types are in JPG, PNG, and GIF format.

Keep a backup file

Keeping a backup file is always a must for important documents. Some computers can be corrupted by a virus or any malware. A backup file saved on a different hard drive will save a copy of the document. Do not just save your documents on your computer?You can store your backup file for a longer time.

Save your document in external hard drive, CD and USB disks. A backup file saved in other devices can be retrieved when needed.

Encrypt the document

The best way to secure your document is encrypting it.Encryption is a data conversion of information into a top secret code.  Even though somebody else gets a hold of your document, they won’t be able to understand it. An encrypted data is safely converted into codes to avoid people from using the information in your document. Always encrypt your documents to have the highest level of security.

Keep it in your safe

Don’t leave your important documents lying around on the table.  You might still have the document but somebody had already made a copy of it. Keeping it in an unlocked drawer and file cabinets is not a good idea. Your important documents should be stored in your safe. Locked drawers can be picked to be opened.  A combination safe ensures that you only have to access to the safe.

Save it in cloud-based storage

Paper documents can get stolen or burn in a fire. You don’t want your important documents to be burned to ashes or vanish into thin air. You have your documents scanned and uploaded into cloud-based storage. There are various cloud-based storage providers that you can use. Programs like CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box, IDrive and Dropbox allow you to keep your data in the cloud.

Keeping a document highly secured is easier with the use of modern technology.Keep it in your safe. You can scan a copy of your document and have it saved. You can save it in cloud-based storage or keep a backup file. You can also be assured of fully securing it if you encrypt the document.

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How to Cope with Musical Performance Anxiety

How to Cope with Musical Performance Anxiety

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Standing in front of everybody can give you so much stress because of nervousness. But if you can manage your stress and make it your motivation to perform well later on, it’s a good way to go, but if you let yourself limit your capacities on stage, you have to do something about your musical performance anxiety. All of what you had worked hard for while you are still practicing can be really put into the trash if you cannot cope with your anxiety.

One of the most used and time-tested strategies to cope up with musical performance anxiety and let your voice, body, fingers and eyes coordinate all at once to create an unforgettable performance is the Alexander Technique. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to reduce your stress before the performance:

  • Preparing for a practice or performance is one of the most crucial parts that every musician should take into consideration. Consider lying in semi-supine to unwind and rest. In that way, the level of stimuli that is bugging you would decrease and all your anxious and negatives thoughts will fade away. After that, you can resume your body into action so that you will have capacity to handle another set of conditions that causes stress.


  • Do not perform when you are uncomfortable with your position. You can sit or stand on stage that is really comfortable for you in order to improve the quality of your sound and your performance. One way to stand is the “monkey” position in which you are required to slightly bend your hips, knees and ankles all at once. Use this position during your practice in order to improve the quality of your voice.
  • One of Alexander’s techniques is special breathing techniques is whispered “ah” that is highly recommended where all musicians, conductors and coaches practices as it radiates calming effect towards their body. Breathe through your nose in order to cleanse the air and do not try to manage your breath. With each breath that you take, relax all your muscles and think of something really good that had happen to you or something funny that you wanted to reminisce. Any distracting thoughts should fade away as your exhalation becomes longer.

If you really want to perform in a musical performance, you need to ready yourself not only with your performance but you should also be mentally-prepared. If you have talent, do not be afraid to show it to the world just because of your anxiety. It could lead you to depression if you let yourself be drowned by your negative, self-defeating thoughts. Performing musical performance and being able to stand in front of thousands of people is called passion rather than talent. If you have passion that you really wanted to connect with your audience through your performance, any anxiety that had been build up inside you should be gone. Do not let it interfere with your career path as a musician—everybody experiences musical performance anxiety in their early stages.


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Tips on Becoming a Better Singer

Tips on Becoming a Better Singer

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While it may seem like there are people who are born with stunningly amazing voices, it’s never too late to become like them even if you don’t think you’ve been born with a beautiful voice. There are lots of professional singers out there who had undergone an enormous training to maintain the quality of their voice and you should start yours too. Here are some tips that you can follow to become a better singer:

Start by voice training

Start by having voice training. Just keep in mind that singing is just like sports that you need to have an exercise regularly in order to develop your voice by working out. Start looking for a professional coach who can help you throughout all the while gaining techniques and tips to help you improve your voice.

If you opt to look for one, consider having private lessons as the coach could set his eyes on you and you can work it out but if you cannot, just simply join the school choir. There would be a coordinator that would help all of you blend in one harmony, read music and all together develop your voice.

Consider knowing your range

Each and every singer has their own range where their voice sounds the sweetest. It is important for you to know your range and stick to it. You can discover your range by singing the highest note down to the lowest note that you can hit.

Breathe properly

Breathing properly is one of the fundamental parts of singing that you should master. The most effective technique that singers use throughout the years is taking a deep breath before singing so that they would have air just enough in carrying out each and every word of the line.


Practice the proper singing posture

This is also important because by practicing good singing posture, you can emit the best possible sound that you could have. Most singing teachers prefer their students to stand while singing because sitting would eventually collapse your muscles and that could interfere you to breathe properly.

Learn to determine the pitch

Being able to determine the pitch is also important in singing. The best way to start this is to sing along with a piano. Start by pressing down on a key and as the key rings out, you should be able to match your voice with it.

Practice regularly

Always remember that your voice becomes stronger the more your practice singing. Sing regularly. You can use your favourite songs in practicing but do not try mimicking the voice of other singers. You should be able to sing using your own voice.

Drink plenty of water

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water because dehydration would often result in poor quality of voice. Make sure that you are hydrated before you started singing and as much as possible avoid alcoholic drinks or caffeine because it could dehydrate you.

Just don’t give up on practicing singing and you will sound as good as your favourite singers someday. Do not also forget to follow these tips for a more effective way of practicing singing.

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